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The founders of Spray La Vie have been in the health and beauty industry for nearly three decades. They have successfully developed and franchised multiple brands within this industry. As pioneers within the industry they continue to seize new opportunities as the industry evolves and new market demands are created.

Decades have been spent perfecting a membership-based business model and each brand in operation today uses this model to achieve substantial revenue growth and help simplify the customers’ experience.

An experienced team of professionals have been closely monitoring the growth of the health and beauty industry. Now, after years of evaluation and research, the first sunless tanning spa franchise has been branded – Spray La Vie!

Much like Massage Envy and Curves, the anti-aging industry has been around for years but has never before been franchised. Like these popular brands, Spray La Vie was created to meet an already existing demand in today’s market.

With years of experience in franchising, membership revenue and the health and beauty industry, this brand offers a great opportunity for franchisees to become leaders in a new but proven industry!

About Spray La Vie

Spray La Vie, a sunless tanning and non-invasive anti-aging spa concept, was created with the highest standards in mind. Committed to being the leading provider in the health and beauty industry, we plan to reach every client in every market while delivering the highest quality products and services in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Clients have several options when visiting our spas: sunless spray tanning, beauty light services, and a full line of premium anti-aging skin care products.

We currently have Single Unit and Area Development Agreements available to offer prospective franchise owners. 
As a franchisee for Spray La Vie, we offer the following:

     • An environment focused on sunless tanning, anti-aging, looking good, and feeling great!

     • A combination of experienced staff, state-of-the-art technology and superior products and services to create outstanding value for our clients.

     • A unique operating and franchise model, as well as a unique business model.

     • A place to work hard, be the best and have fun!!!

Our system offers a unique membership revenue model that assures a notably higher level of consistency and profitability on a year-round basis. The membership revenue model has been around for years and has been successfully used in fitness, massage and tanning industries. Companies and industries using the membership revenue model are becoming more prevalent in daily business than ever before.

The Industry

The Sunless Tanning and Anti-Aging Skin Care Industry is not only growing, it’s booming!!! The baby boomer generation is constantly looking for ways to maintain and improve their youthful appearance. According to the Women’s Skincare In-Depth Consumer Report, 62% of women 35 – 54 and 65% of women 55+ said anti-aging benefits are an extremely important factor in purchasing skin care products.

Beauty Light is a great way to help our customers look good and feel good. This non-invasive, florescent light system uses a UV-free booth for full-body sessions. This new technology is amazing and our customers love it!

One of the most successful ways to look younger and feel better is to have a glowing tan. The Sunless Tan Industry has been thriving since the turn of the century. For years companies have attempted to provide the perfect sunless tan. Since the late 1990’s sunless tan technology has improved and Fortune 500 companies such as Mary Kay, Estee Lauder and Neutrogena have developed sunless tan products and continue to see an increase in product sales year after year. Our state-of-the-art sunless spray booths deliver a perfect spray every time – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

In addition to beauty light and sunless tanning, Spray La Vie offers a complete line of Anti-Aging skin care products. Our premier professional skin care line uses the highest quality of ingredients to rejuvenate the skin.

The founders recognized the demand for a Sunless Tanning and Anti-Aging Skin Care Spa and created Spray La Vie to meet this already existing demand in the market. With years of franchise experience within this industry; we have the experience, dedication and knowledge to provide each franchisee with the training and support needed to maximize their success!

The Spray-Spa Anti-Aging Revolution Has Begun
The Advantage
Spray La Vie is a pioneer in the membership revenue model and strives to be the best by offering our clients state-of-the-art sunless spray tan and beauty light services along with premium Anti-Aging skin care products. We consistently work to find franchisees who share our passion, vision and dedication to deliver the highest quality services to our clients. 

Some Advantages of Becoming a Spray La Vie Franchisee:

Innovative Approach to Sunless Tanning and Anti-Aging Service – Join the team that pioneered membership-based sunless spray tanning

Attractive Membership Pricing Structure – By offering a competitive monthly membership to customers, franchisees see a more consistent sales cycle, reducing administrative and billing time

World Class Training and Ongoing Support – Our experienced franchise management team understands the resources needed to train, grow and help support our franchisees

Training is Provided – Training is offered at our headquarters and in your Spray La Vie location through manuals, video and supporting materials, our training staff and through multi-media and internet based content

Comprehensive Marketing Programs – Franchisees use our original marketing program designed to attract clients, establish a strong referral network and to encourage high client usage and retention

Fully Computerized Operations – We offer our franchisees state-of-the-art management software to coordinate all aspects of the business including scheduling client services, membership and sales tracking, financial management and reporting

Professional Working Environment – We provide our professional staff with scheduled clients, a professional work environment, and the outstanding physical design of our Spray La Vie locations

Multiple Revenue Opportunities – In addition to potential membership service fees, we maximize sales through additional revenue opportunities, including: product sales, gift card sales and special event opportunities

The Spray La Vie business model is unique in the world of franchising

Our Process

Whether you are a first time franchisee or an experienced business owner, the Spray La Vie franchise systems empower you to get more out of what you want from your business and your life. Acquiring a Spray La Vie franchise is an important decision for everyone involved. We have created our 5-Step Discovery Process to guide you through the decision making process, help you ask the right questions and help you to learn as much as possible about us.

As you go through the steps of our process, you will find all the information necessary to decide whether a Spray La Vie franchise meets your goals and expectations and is the right choice for you.

Information Exchange An exchange of general information that includes a preliminary qualification report and a brief pre-screening interview; this gives you the opportunity to have all of your questions answered.

Franchise Review Through a series of correspondence exchanges, presentations and scheduled telephone conferences with a franchise development team member, you will have the opportunity to learn about the Spray La Vie business model and our franchisee support systems.

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review You are given the opportunity to review our Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) and gain an understanding of the franchise system.

Validation You will be given direct access to existing franchisees so you can speak with them about any issues, concerns or questions you may have.

Discovery Day Visit You will have the opportunity to visit our corporate headquarters and observe how our programs and business systems operate. At this time, you will also meet, interview and be interviewed by corporate executives and other team members responsible for supporting franchisees and their businesses. You will preview the Training, Operations, Vendor Selection and Site Development Manuals. You will also begin discussions regarding financing options available and preparation of the business plan and lender package.

The Market

Spray La Vie offers Single Unit and Multi Unit franchises. Each single unit franchisee receives an exclusive territory with a radius of approximately 5 miles from the location of the studio. Distances may vary based on market and economic conditions such as population, household earnings and other demographic criteria. Your Spray La Vie Development Representative is ready to provide you with our “Franchise Disclosure Document” to better assist you in understanding the operational and investment aspects of our exciting business and franchise opportunity!

In addition to Single Unit Multi-Unit franchises, Spray La Vie also offers Area Development Agreements (ADAs) to qualified and experienced individuals. Area Developers are required to pay an initial development fee; they are then granted exclusive development rights to a specific number of franchise units within a defined territory.

The minimum ADA is for 11 units. This includes one unit that the Area Developer must own and operate as a Model Studio. In exchange for generating franchise sales and providing ongoing support and services to all the franchisees within the development area, the Area Developer retains the initial franchise fee and a percentage of the royalties generated in their area.

Area Developers must be able to demonstrate:

     • Prior success in a business environment (preferably in franchise developments, sales, operations or multi-unit franchise ownership)

     • Minimum liquidity of $350,000 and a net worth of at least $700,000

Single and multi-unit franchises are available in most ADA markets. If you don’t see the specific market that you are interested in, we encourage you to fill out our request form for more detailed information.

The Investment

While your personal commitment is critical to success, you will also need sufficient capital and the appropriate level of financing to build, launch and operate a Spray La Vie sunless spray tan franchise. Investing in a single unit Spray La Vie franchise is likely to range between $332,100 to $529,300, depending on factors like specific market conditions and the size of the location you choose.

The minimum financial requirements to open a Spray La Vie franchise in the United States are:

     • Single Unit: Liquid Capital of $100,000, Net Worth of $350,000

     • Multi Unit: Liquid Capital of $150,000, Net Worth of $400,000

     • Area Developer: Liquid Capital of $350,000, Net Worth of $700,000


Q: Do I need previous sunless spray tan or franchising experience to become a Spray La Vie franchisee?

A: No, but prior business experience is always helpful. We offer a complete training program prior to and during your opening along with continuous assistance once your spa franchise is up and running.

Q: What are the initial franchise and royalty fees?

A: For a single unit operator, the initial franchise fee is $25,000. The ongoing royalty fee is six percent (6%) of gross sales plus two percent (3%) for advertising.

Q: Does Spray La Vie offer financing?

A: Although we do not offer financing directly, we are available to assist you with obtaining financing through the Small Business Administration (SBA) or your local bank.

Q: How soon can I expect my Spray La Vie franchise to open?

A: Your Spray La Vie franchise will be ready to open 90-120 days from the date the lease is signed. On average, once the franchise agreement is signed, your store will be open six to nine months later.

Q: Where are Spray La Vie studios generally located?

A: We can be found in high-traffic areas such as in strip centers, end caps and freestanding buildings when available.

Q: Will I have a protected territory?

A: Yes. Typically your territory will be an approximate five-mile radius around the location of your Spray La Vie franchise.

Q: Will I receive guidance on purchasing spa equipment and supplies?

A: Yes, we are continuously working with vendors to ensure we offer only the top of the line equipment and supplies as well as the best pricing available in the industry.

Q: What kind of spa and sunless spray tan training can I expect to receive as a Spray La Vie franchisee?

A: Initially we provide 10 days of classroom and onsite training for the owner, manager and up to 10 additional employees. We also provide three to five days of support during your grand opening. This training covers everything from the day-to-day operations to managing and owning a Spray La Vie.

Q: Will I receive assistance in planning a Spray La Vie Grand Opening?

A: Yes. We have designed a Grand Opening Manual with ideas and suggestions that have been successful in prior openings. We also provide a Grand Opening Kit with marketing materials needed to successfully promote your opening. Our Public Relations firm works directly with you to develop and generate press releases on your grand opening event.

Q: What support do I get after I open?

A: Each franchisee has a dedicated support person that is available to answer any questions and to assist you in your success.

Spray La Vie
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